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The indigo blue coloring is part of the historical-cultural and socio-economic legacy of Mesoamerica, but particularly of El Salvador. The indigo is a blue dye obtained from the family of Indigofera, from the plant known as Jiquilite.

It was used by Mesoamerica’s inhabitants from very early times to dye garments for priests and noble lords. It can be considered that in El Salvador it was the main agricultural product around which its economy revolved for more than three hundred years, ranging from the late sixteenth century until the late nineteenth century.

Unfortunately, the discovery of chemical dyes in the middle of the nineteenth century forced the local producers to abandon its production; and in the last decades of that century, indigo was no more the main exporting product since prices decayed drastically. Nowadays we are trying to re-activate the use of this natural dye in our country by providing new employment opportunities through the manufacturing of products dyed with indigo.

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